Tray loaders, feeding systems, single-purpose machines

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Stacking machines
Single-purpose machines

Tray loaders type SZK

Performance: 120 to 600 pcs/min.





Feeding system type SCM

Perfomance: up to 1200 cubes/min.


Tray loaders

Machines are designed for automatic stacking of products (Soup cubes and other cubic products like butter, chewing gum, sweets, etc..) to a desired configuration prior to insertion into the final packaging wrapper (cardboard box, foil, etc..). Machines can be used in semi-automatic version of the machine when the operator performs the final packaging, or in an automatic version in combination with packaging machine or cartoning machine.

Performance: 120 to 600 pcs / min.

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Feeding system

High performance horizontal feeding system for cubes to a desired configuration prior to insertion into flowpack or similar machine. The system can be equipped with camera system for checking quality of cubes.

Performance: up to 1200 cubes/min.

Feeding system
with camera control + Flowpack video4.

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